This is Nutrition 2.0.
IV therapy allows you to mega-dose nutrition directly to your cells. In expert hands, it's powerful, injectable wellness!

IV vitamin therapy is a cutting edge modality that allows you to achieve much higher concentrations of powerful antioxidants and other vital substances in the bloodstream than you could ever achieve orally.

Only at these extreme concentrations are some of the most powerful wellness effects unleashed.

Our IV's are specifically designed to unleash this powerful infusion of wellness.

People who can benefit from our IV's include: those with hangovers, headaches, exhaustion, jetlag, dehydration, the flu, athletes seeking faster recovery or a performance edge, and those looking for a healthy glow or anti-aging effects.

Additional benefits of an IV program can include: improved energy and metabolism, detoxification, improved immune function, reduced stress, and more.

People with many chronic conditions especially digestive problems and autoimmune disorders may also benefit from an IV program.


    If you need help, call us and we will help you choose the IV that's right for you.   Custom IV's are also available.


    IV's can be performed at our wellness center or at your location.   Note that the concierge fee only applies to the 1st person.

  • 3)   CALL & SCHEDULE

    Short consultation over the phone, then schedule an appointment.   Hours are 10 AM - 7 PM, subject to availability.


    Most IV's can be completed in as little as 30-45 minutes.   If necessary, you can work while you receive your IV (it happens).


Our IV's provide hydration, nutrition, powerful antioxidants and/or medications.
Below are common options.   Many others are available.
Feel Your Best In 30 minutes!

Fluids and electrolytes to get you rehydrated and back on your game.

Perfect For: Optimal hydration before or after sports, illness, workouts or partying.

Our Place: $99
Extra Fluid: $50
Your Place: (+$149)


Fluids, electrolytes, up to 3 IV meds: nausea, headache and heartburn.   Plus a blend of nutrients and antioxidants.

Perfect For: Moderate to severe hangovers

Our Place: $149
Your Place: (+$149)


IV Fluids, electrolytes, 3 IV meds: nausea, headache and heartburn. Plus a blend of nutrients and antioxidants.
This is followed by a Glutathione push for maximum liver support and cleanse.

Perfect For: EPIC hangovers

Our Place: $179
Your Place: (+$149)


Fluids and electrolytes, anti-inflammatory meds plus a high dose of our super B complex 100 vitamin blend.

Perfect For: Optimal performance whether mental or physical. Also gives the metabolism a boost.

Our Place: $169
Your Place: (+$149)


High-dose Vitamin C. Dose can be tailored for the individual needs: 12.5 Grams, 25, Grams, 50 Grams.   (Lab testing may be required).

Perfect For: Immune function, cancer support, acute or chronic infections.

Price: $119/$139/$169
(Our Place Only-Package deals Available)


Fluids, electrolytes, anti-oxidant blend, high-dose Vitamin C. Followed by a Glutathione push.

Perfect For: Lighter, brighter, younger looking skin. Turn back the clock. Rejuvenates your skin and collagen from the inside out!

Our Place: $199
Your Place: (+$149)


Fluids, electrolytes, high-dose Vitamin C, B Complex, any or all of our IV meds as necessary, and Zinc.

Perfect For: Shortening or fighting off colds, flu, stomach flu and other minor illnesses.

Our Place: $199
Your Place: (+$149)


B Complex, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Minerals. +/- fluids.

Perfect For: Wellness, optimal health, prevention and health maintenance. Also good for many chronic conditions. Can be done as a push or with hydrating fluids. Based on the original Myer’s Cocktail.

Our Place-Push: $119
Our Place-Drip: $149
Your Place: (+$149)


Glutathione is the body’s strongest antioxidant. Glutathione is excellent for lighter, brighter skin. It also helps the liver clear toxins (and alcohol). Add this on to any of our IV’s to amplify the rejuvenating power!

Stand Alone Price: $80
(Buy 4 get 1 free!)
Add-On Price: $35


B12 boosts energy levels, promotes a healthy nervous system, improves mood, promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, and aids in cancer prevention.

Price: $25
(Buy 4, get 1 free!)

FAT BURN: B12 + MIC Shots

Same benefits as vitamin B12 shot, with the addition of fat-burning lipotropic amino acids. Our strongest fat-burner!

Price: $40
(Buy 4, get 1 free!)


Why not freshen up your face while you get your IV? Botox is excellent especially for upper face wrinkles and lines. Dr. Lebowitz is an expert injector.

Price: $10/unit



Daniel Lebowitz MD
Daniel Lebowitz MD
Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Head I.V. MD
With almost 20 years’ experience, Board-Certified Integrative Physician Dr. Lebowitz saw the need for the first mobile IV service in Philadelphia. In early 2015, Enhance IV was born. Dr. Lebowitz performs all IV’s himself. Don’t settle for less!
Rachelle L.
Rachelle L.
Medical Liaison, Medical Assistant, Wellness Coach
Passionate about wellness, and with a background as an ultrasound technician, phlebotomist, medical assistant and more, Rachelle has healthcare “in her blood”.



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Why Should I Get an IV?

IV therapy allows you to rapidly hydrate and rapidly infuse your body with nutrition.  It can be very useful for anyone who is feeling under the weather or not quite 100%.  It is also great for people looking for optimal wellness or anti-aging benefits.  It should only be given by a well-trained medical professional who has a good understanding of IV therapy and IV insertion techniques.


Will My IV Hurt?

IV infusions are done with a very small needle and there is only very minimal pain.  When performed by our Philadelphia IV therapy expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, people tolerate their infusions and the IV pushes very well.  If necessary, ice or numbing cream can be used to further minimize any discomfort.


Is it safe to get an IV?  What About Side Effects?

IV therapy has been administered to millions of hospital patients over the last century.  It has also been given to thousands of Philadelphia IV therapy patients in our office.  Side effects are uncommon, and almost always minor.  IV therapy  has been widely used for dehydration and in treatment of acute and chronic illness for many decades and millions of people have enjoyed the results of an IV therapy treatment.  Our Philadelphia IV therapy expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, has safely administered IV hydration to hundreds of women and men in the Philadelphia area.

Some side effects that have been noted occasionally include fear of the needle, pain at the injection site, and bruising at the injection site.  Allergic reactions can also occur very rarely.


How Much Does IV Therapy Cost?

Our Philadelphia IV therapy expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, wants IV therapy to be affordable for everyone.  That is why our IV therapy prices are very reasonable, starting at only $75!  Dr. Lebowitz will work with you to find the "magic formula" for your custom IV, so you can get all the benefits of IV therapy in Philadelphia without spending more than you need to.


How Long Do the Benefits of IV Hydration Last?  What Happens After That?

How long a person will feel the benefits after IV therapy varies from person to person.  Many people will feel benefits for anywhere from a couple days to a week.  After that time, you may feel a loss of the benefits, and you may be wanting another IV.  Our Philadelphia IV therapy expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, will give you instructions for follow up appointments and additional measures you can take to keep feeling your healthiest for as long as possible after your IV.


Does IV Therapy Really Work?

Yes!  IV hydration is an excellent choice to treat or prevent dehydration and problems with malabsorption of nutrients and also to improve or optimize health and wellness.  Please look at some of the celebrity photos on this site.  These famous folks know what works and they come to us for IV therapy in Philadelphia.  Our Philadelphia IV hydration expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, can also discuss with you at your consultation, what you can expect.  We believe that IV therapy results are some of the most outstanding and impactful results that can be achieved in wellness and integrative medicine.

What Should I Expect?  What Is An IV Therapy Consultation like?

Dr. Lebowitz will discuss with you what you would like to achieve with your IV, and he will also make suggestions about what nutrients he believes will help you to be the healthiest version of yourself.  He will ask you about any symptoms you may be having, and whether you have any major health problems or allergies.  Some people start to feel benefits from getting an IV within the first few minutes!  Sometimes, however, the full benefits of IV therapy can become evident over a series of 4-5 treatments.

Is There Any Down Time With an IV?

You can expect to go right back to your usual activities right after having your IV infusion therapy.  Our Philadelphia IV therapy expert, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD, will give you simple follow up instructions at the time of your appointment so you can get the best results from your IV hydration.  In general, you should avoid disturbing the IV injection sites for at least 1-2 hours.

Why Should I Schedule A Philadelphia IV Therapy Consultation?

We do offer an initial consultation to discuss your IV therapy goals, so you have nothing to lose!  Our Philadelphia IV hydration expert will take the time to help you figure out how to best get the results that you want.

Why Should I Choose Your Philadelphia IV Therapy Center?

World Wellness Health and Enhance IV is a rising star of a medical practice in the Philadelphia area.  All of our medical procedures, including IV Therapy, are performed by our Board-Certified physician and expert Philadelphia IV physician, Dr. Daniel Lebowitz MD.  Dr. Lebowitz has training and education from some of the best institutions including NYU, Thomas Jefferson, and the University of Michigan.  He also has completed advanced Fellowship training in minimally invasive procedures.  Why settle for an under-qualified para-medical "injector"?

Philadelphia IV Hydration Reviews

Philadlephia IV Therapy expert Dr. Daniel Lebowitz, of World Wellness Health Institute and Enhance IV, has helped many men and women in the Philadelphia area to feel their best and be their healthiest with Philadelphia IV therapy.  We feel confident that you will be the next happy patient once you book an IV therapy appointment with us!

I Want to Learn More And I Still Have Questions.

Sure thing!  That's what we are here for!  Go ahead and sign up for a free consultation with our Philadelphia IV Therapy expert at Enhance IV.  Dr. Lebowitz will evaluate your needs and will answer all of your questions at the consultation.  Dr. Lebowitz is highly skilled and knowledgeable and he will only recommend the most effective and best treatments for you.

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